The best fighter money can’t buy!

Vote 1 Stephen Jolly for Richmond

Inner city residents face problems on a number of fronts. The public transport system is totally inadequate under the private operators. Even if your train or tram does come on time, it is often too packed to board. Climate change is upon us, but rather than investing in renewables the Labor State Government chooses to subsidise the big polluters.

Developers are given free rein to build expensive high rise apartments in our communities, but these new developments are not matched with extra services to supply the growing population. Public housing tenants are treated as second class citizens while many in private housing are struggling to keep up with the cost of high rents and mortgages.

This is the current reality despite Victoria missing out on the worst of the economic crisis. How much worse will things get if a second financial crisis hits Australia?

The Socialist Party believes that against the backdrop of economic uncertainty ordinary people need a fighting representative in the State Parliament. This is why we are standing long time community campaigner and local Councillor Stephen Jolly in the state election.

Not only do we have the most progressive policies but our candidate has a 17 year history of standing up for local residents in this area. On November 27 we urge you to Vote 1 Stephen Jolly.

The Socialist Party stands for:

Transport: Public transport that’s publicly owned, expanded, better integrated and free. Build a railway line down the Eastern Freeway to reduce the amount of cars in our area. Restaff train stations and put conductors back on trams.

Housing: Expand public, social and low cost housing. Government legislation to cap private rents. More support for public housing tenants. Provide decent and affordable housing for all.

Health: No to the privatisation of healthcare. Employ more doctors and nurses to reduce waiting lists. More staff for community health centres. Provide free dental care to all.

Environment: For real action on climate change. Close the Hazlewood power station and replace it with solar and wind technology. For zero emissions electricity by 2020. Support local climate action groups.

Planning: Planning laws that put people’s needs before developer’s profits. For resident input into all planning decisions. Organise residents groups to oppose inappropriate development. Scrap the unelected VCAT.

Education: Expand education including a new secondary school for Richmond. Scrap the fee increases for TAFE students. Invest in kindergartens and not-for-profit childcare centres.

Music & Arts: Protect Melbourne’s live music and arts scene. Provide funding for all-ages gigs in the inner city. Invest in the Arts. Revive the Brunswick Street Festival.

Work: No job cuts in the public sector. Protect the wages and conditions of nurses, teachers and other public servants. Oppose casualisation. For a public works program to provide jobs and reduce unemployment.

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